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Admission at Penn State Schuylkill

Admission at Penn State Schuylkill

Application deadline for fall 2018: July 31

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Why Penn State Schuylkill?

Small Classes...BIG Opportunities

Penn State Schuylkill provides the academic opportunities of The Pennsylvania State University, a Big Ten University with an international reputation, in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Our faculty are actively engaged in research in their academic areas, and they bring these experiences to the classroom to share with their students. Our average class size is 18, and our faculty know their students by name.

275+ Degree Programs

Students can start the first two years of over 275 degree programs right here at Penn State Schuylkill by doing the 2+2 program. Over 60% of the freshman class at Penn State participate in the 2+2 program, which allows students to start at one campus, like Schuylkill, and then complete their program at another campus, including University Park.

Students can complete a degree program right here at Penn State Schuylkill. We offer nine baccalaureate degrees, four associate degrees, and eight minors. Check out our Penn State Schuylkill degree programs.

Great Investment

Penn State students who start at a smaller campus like Penn State Schuylkill can find a great cost savings on their education expenses. Local commuter students and non-Pennsylvania resident students can save approximately $20,000 (over two years) by starting at Schuylkill versus starting directly at University Park. A Penn State degree is a great investment in your future. The Wall Street Journal recently ranked Penn State graduates #1 in workforce preparation.


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