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Emerging Health Professionals

Emerging Health Professionals

A new partnership between the Schuylkill Technology Center (STC), Penn State Schuylkill, Blue Mountain Health System, and Schuylkill Health is please to announce a new innovate dual enrollment program, Emerging Health Professionals, which combines interactive, university-level classroom learning with observation in a health care setting. 

Emerging Health Professionals is a half-day program that runs the duration of the school year. Students daily activities will consist of:

  • Two half-days a week with Penn State faculty and the STC instructor at Penn State Schuylkill
  • Two half-days a week participating in job shadowing activities.
  • One half-day a week participating in a health curriculum taught by the STC instructor.

Program Eligibility

Students who want to apply must:

  • Attend a participating Schuylkill County school district
  • Be entering their senior year
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Have completed one year of high school biology and chemistry with a grade of 3.0 or better
  • Have an excellent attendance record
  • Have written recommendations from a high school guidance counselor and one chemistry or biology teacher
  • Successfully complete an interview


Students who have met all of the requirements and are accepted into the program must:

  • Present a health certification signed by a health care professional (physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner; a chiropractor will not be accepted)
  • Complete tuberculosis (TB) questionnaire and TB testing, as reuquired for shadowing
  • Complete required orientation paperwork
  • Pay initial deposit fee
  • Commit to the entire, school-year long program

Participants in the program will enroll in a total of eight Penn State credits: BIOL 129 Mammalian Anatomy is offered in the fall semester; and BIOL 141 Introductory Physiology and BIOL 142 Physiology Laboratory are offered in the spring semester

Students are officially enrolled at Penn State Schuylkill in the high school Dual Enrollment program and receive a 50 percent scholarship toward the cost of their tuition. Students are responsible for the cost of all PSU college credits and any additional fees which may include required textbooks, fees, etc.

Students can obtain program information by contacting Tracey Picht of the Schuylkill Training Center at or at the following phone numbers: 570-874-1034 or 570-544-4748