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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Participation in student organizations provides students with an opportunity to build connections, network within the community, plan activities, and gain practical experience that complements the academic programs.

Penn State Schuylkill offers many opportunities for students to join clubs and organizations. With more than thirty organizations to choose from, students can almost always find something that interests them. New clubs can also be established based on the interests of current students. If you are interested in creating a new organization, visit the Student Activities office in Suite 209 of the Health and Wellness Building to pick up a "Starting an Organization" packet. You can also contact the office at 570-385-6246 for additional information.

Penn State Schuylkill offers a variety of interest- and academically-focused student organizations, including:

Afro Caribbean Union 

A performance-based group focusing on traditional and modern styles of African and Caribbean style dancing. 

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Honor society for academically high-achieving adult students. 

Beta Beta Beta

National honor society for academically high-achieving biology students. 

Black Student Union

A social group celebrating and advocating for students of color on campus and in higher education. 

Blue & White Society

Current students have the opportunity to get a jump start on their involvement with Penn State's Alumni Society. This group has special networking and alumni focused outings. 

American Marketing Association/Business Society

Current students who are interested in a business field or are business majors meet weekly to work on entrepreneurial related projects. 

Community Games Club

This club exists to unify the campus community and enhance the out-of-class experience through the medium of games. 

Criminal Justice Club

Open to all students, this club meets weekly to discuss and further explore the field of criminal justice. 

Engineering Club

Open to all students, this club meets to discuss and further explore the field of engineering and physics. 

Fatal Attraction

A performance-based group that incorporates both modeling and dance. 

Lion Ambassadors

This affiliate organization assists the Office of Admissions in giving tours of the campus to perspective students. 

Media Club

Encompassing photography, videography, journalism, radio and a yearbook, Media Club is open to all students who enjoy spreading the word on campus.

Nittany Players

Penn State Schuylkill's theater and performance group. The club travels to Broadway, performs on-campus shows, and hosts various events. 

Paw Pride

An advocacy and pride group, Paw Pride is a safe space for LGBTQ community members and allies to come together. The club meets weekly and hosts a variety of events through the year.
Radiology Club 
An academically-focused group, Radiology Club focuses on the field of radiology and hosts guest speakers specific to the topic. 

Student Activities Council

This affiliate organization assists the Office of Student Life in planning events on campus. The club meets weekly to plan events and community service for the upcoming semester. 

Student Government Association 

This legislative organization acts as the voice for the students. Students meet weekly to discuss current issues. 

Schuylkill Benefiting THON 

The world's largest student-run philanthropy organization is focused on raising money for Four Diamonds, an organization providing support and research to pediatric cancer.