Harunah Barry, class of 2017, stands in front of Kiefer-Jones buildig on Schuylkill's campus.

Penn State Schuylkill student pre-selected for INTERPOL internship

Volunteering with the U.S. Department of Justice while enrolled in a graduate program.

Harunah Barry, a 2017 graduate of Penn State Schuylkill, has been pre-selected for a prestigious Student Volunteer position with the U.S. Department of Justice, INTERPOL Washington, U.S. Central Bureau. This July, he will begin a master’s degree program in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University while meeting the 32-hour per week commitment of the internship, which will run through December 2017.

Barry, a native of Philadelphia, was an administration of justice major with a minor in sociology and a minor in civic and community engagement. This year he served as the treasurer of the criminal justice club and participated in the Habitat for Humanity alternative spring break trip. In reflecting on his selection of Penn State Schuylkill for his undergraduate studies, Barry stated, “I believe it was a very good decision because I was able to interact with many great professors and have a valuable educational experience that will prepare me for an advanced academic degree.”

Dr. S. Hakan Can, Barry’s mentor and academic advisor, said, “Harunah is an intelligent, resourceful and energetic student who favorably impressed his professors and earned great respect and admiration from his peers.” Can added, “He is intimately knowledgeable of the nuances of ethics and values of all areas of criminal justice that will serve him well during the internship and beyond.”

The role of a Student Volunteer at the National Central Bureau includes performing various general duties and tasks that will enable the agency to fulfill its mission of supporting both domestic and foreign law enforcement. Only 15 students are selected for this internship three times per year: spring, summer and fall.

Barry was a Juvenile Probation Intern with the Family Court Juvenile Division in Philadelphia during the summer of 2015. He also has submitted two research papers for publication.