Humanities Topics

Explore literature, history, theatre, and more

Invite a Penn State Schuylkill faculty presenter to speak with high school students interested in theatre, literature, politics, and more. The bureau's humanities faculty include Nicole Andel (English and humanities), Cathy Fiorillo (theatre and speech), D.J. Higgins (film/video and music), Valerie Schrader (communication arts and sciences), and Anita Vickers (English).

Humanities topics include:

  • Acting and improvisation
  • Auditioning for TV, film, and stage
  • Classical mythology
  • Communication theory
  • Feminism and gender communication
  • Film analysis
  • Future of cinema post pandemic
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Independent filmmaking and tips for starting early
  • Language acquisition through foreign films using Netflix as a tool
  • Literature topics including detective fiction, early American literature, Louisa May Alcott, medieval drama, poetry, and more
  • Literary criticism
  • Political rhetoric
  • Public memory and its connection to/difference from documented history
  • Public speaking
    • Audience analysis
    • Group presentations
    • Speech delivery
    • Speech writing
    • Visual aids
  • Rhetorical messages in and/or rhetorical analysis of musical theatre
  • Sustainability from a humanities perspective
  • Stereotypes of Italian Americans in contemporary film
  • Video game literature and virtual worlds
  • Women in American history

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