STEM Topics

Inspire the next generation of inventors, engineers, and scientists

Penn State Schuylkill's STEM faculty are experts in a variety of topics including biology, chemistry, mathematics, sustainability, and more. The bureau's STEM faculty include Rebecca Bolton (astronomy, mathematics, and physics), Michael Gallis (physics), Brian Gardner (information sciences and technology), Sarah Princiotta (biology), Kelly Puzzi (biology), Lucas Redmond (biology), Lee Silverberg (chemistry), Mary Ann Smith (biology), and Brenna Traver (biology).

Invite a faculty speaker to your classroom to discuss topics including:

  • Algae blooms in aquatic ecosystems
  • Antibiotic development
  • Astronomy and cosmology
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Behavioral ecology of birds
  • Behavioral endocrinology
  • Breeding biology of birds
  • Computer programming concepts
  • Cybersecurity basics such as cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, and protection
  • Ecology of songbirds
  • Environmental impact of anthracite coal mining
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Forces at work and kinematics in the amusement park
  • General chemistry
  • Honey bee colony losses
  • Honey bee pathogens
  • Importance of pollinators
  • Internet of things (data, hardware/software, networks, security, sensors, smart devices)
  • Lab safety
  • Lake/reservoir ecology
  • Microbes in food
  • Open education resources for physical sciences
  • Organic chemistry
  • Patterns in mathematics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Phytoplankton
  • Protist diversity
  • Sustainable chemistry
  • Testing gravity with video analysis
  • The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals from an environmental perspective
  • Work and energy in bungee jumping (stress, strain, and elasticity)

Are you looking for a topic that you don't see listed here? Please fill out our speaker request form and let us know! We are confident that we can connect you with an expert able to add value to your classroom.

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