Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Lisa Cecchini [email protected]
Financial Aid Coordinator, Office of Student Aid
102 Business and Academic Services Building 570-385-6245
David Chavira [email protected]
Director of Enrollment Management, Admissions
Administration Building, 102 570-385-6256
Lisa Chavira [email protected]
Student Aid and Registrar Support Staff, Office of Financial Aid
Rosanne Chesakis [email protected]
Library Supervisor IV
102 Ciletti Library 570-385-6236
Valerie Clay [email protected]
Associate Director, Student Affairs
500 Nittany V 570-385-6246
George Cody [email protected]
Maintenance Mechanic, Business Services
Physical Plant Building 570-385-6134
Catherine Cooper [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs
106 Classroom Building 570-385-6109
Stephen Couch [email protected]
123 Administration Building 570-385-6086
Darle Cresswell [email protected]
Assistant Director of Athletics, Office of Student Affairs
102 Health & Wellness Building 570-385-6084
Eva Cresswell [email protected]
Financial Assistant, Office of the Bursar and Finance
204 Business Services Building 570-385-6095
Jon Curvey [email protected]
Snack Bar Worker B, Housing & Food Services
117 Student Community Center 570-385-6035
Michele D'Agostino [email protected]
Joseph De Markis [email protected]
Shannon Del Conte [email protected]
Director, Community Engagement
13A Administration Building 570-385-6112
Bryan Docherty [email protected]
Maintenance Worker - Utility, Business Services
Physical Plant Building 570-385-6134
Cynthia Drazenovich [email protected]
Staff Support, Business Services
13A Administration Building 570-385-6094
Warren Keith Duffy [email protected]
Associate Professor
124 Administration Building 570-385-6268
Cynthia Ebling, RN, B.S.N. [email protected]
Coordinator of Health Services, Student Affairs
Health & Wellness Building, 210C 570-385-6248
Kathy Fabrizi [email protected]
Karen Fabrizio [email protected]