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Parking Permit Applications

Parking Permit Applications

Parking Permits

  • Permits shall be displayed on any vehicle operated by the person to whom the permit was issued
  • Permits not properly displayed shall be deemed invalid. Permits shall be hung from the interior rear view mirror with the permit numbers facing the front of the vehicle so that the entire permit number is clearly visible.
    • Yellow permits are for resident & commuter students
    • Brown permits are for residents of  Nittany I, II, III and IV.
    • Green permits are for residents of  Nittany V.
    • Faculty & staff permits are determined by the employment status of the faculty or staff member.
  • Permits are hanging tags assigned to the registrant and not the vehicle. These permits may be transferred to another motor vehicle being used by the registered student or faculty or staff member. Those forgetting to transfer their permits shall notify the Office of Police Services.
  • Motorcycles or other motorized vehicles shall contact Police services for information as to permit display.

Visitor Permits

Visitors are not required to display a permit, but they are encouraged to obtain a Visitor Permit any time on campus. Visitor Permits may be obtained from the Office of Business Services. There is no cost for a Visitor Permit.

Permit Applications

  • Permit applications for faculty and staff can be obtained in the Office of Business Services.
  • Student parking permits can be obtained at Police Services in room 6 of the Administration Building.