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Crime Prevention Measures

Crime Prevention Measures

The following crime prevention measures are suggested for each and every member of the University and residential community.

Any act of criminal nature should be reported to the University Police. The University cannot assume responsibility for your personal property.

  1. Keep windows and doors closed and locked when you are not present in your house. After closing windows and doors, test them to see that they are locked securely. Leave at least one light on--inside and out when you are away (utilizing timers when possible).
  2. Do not leave money or valuables laying about unprotected in your living quarters. If an object is too small and readily portable, and has a high value, place it out of sight and under special lock protection. Never place money in closets, desks, dressers or in a purse or briefcase left about in the living area. Always keep your money on your person or under special lock protection.
  3. Be aware of the presence of strangers around your area. Do not be afraid to ask if they are guests or their reasons for being in the residence area. Reports any such person to the University Police, the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of Residence Life, or to your Community Resource Aide.
  4. If you think someone is inside your campus residence, do not go inside. Call University Police using emergency number 911.
  5. Don't give out personal information over the phone such as your name or address.
  6. If you have an answering machine, use it to screen unwanted calls.
  7. Notify the police of threatening or harassing calls.
  8. Do not leave your automobile unlocked or unattended with the key in it. The major portions of stolen automobiles are lost as a result of the owner or operator leaving the keys inside the vehicle to tempt someone to take it.
  9. Never leave valuable articles laying in the open in an unprotected car. If such articles must be left, be sure they are hidden from sight of anyone passing by and, if at all possible, lock them in the trunk.
  10. Park in areas that will be well-lit when you return to your vehicle. Check the back seat and immediate area to see if anyone is hiding. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR.
  11. Do not walk alone on campus. Go in pairs or with a group. Avoid isolated areas (i.e. shortcuts, etc.). If you are attacked, these measures are uniformly recommended.

If you are NOT confronted with a weapon:

  1. SCREAM loudly and DO NOT STOP.
  2. If possible, RUN AWAY. If not, STRIKE back. Aim for vital spots and make it hurt! (eyes, temples, midriff, groin if attacked from the front: instep, shins, batter face with the back of your head if attacked from the back).
  3. When the attacker lets go, RUN away fast and scream.
  4. Try to get a DESCRIPTION of the attacker
  5. Consult the list of emergency numbers to contact help.  Dial 911 for Penn State Police Services.