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Clery Act

Clery Act

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The Clery Act requires all institutions to collect crime reports from a variety of individuals and organizations that Clery considers to be "campus security authorities. "Campus security authority" is a Clery-specific term and because official responsibilities and job titles vary significantly on campuses, a list of specific titles is listed in the Annual Security Report. Under Clery, a crime is "reported" when it is brought to the attention of a campus security authority or local law enforcement personnel by a victim, witness, other third party or even the offender. It doesn't matter whether or not the individuals involved in the crime, or reporting the crime, are associated with the institution.

If a campus security authority receives the crime information and believes it was provided in good faith, he or she should document it as a crime report via the Campus Security Authority Incident Report Form. In "good faith" means there is a reasonable basis for believing that the information is not simply rumor or hearsay. That is, there is little or no reason to doubt the validity of the information. What you must disclose, therefore, are statistics from reports of alleged criminal incidents. It is not necessary for the crime to have been investigated by the police or a campus security authority, nor must a finding of guilt or responsibility be made to disclose the statistic. Campus security authority is not responsible for determining authoritatively whether a crime took place—that is the function of law enforcement personnel. A campus security authority should not try to apprehend the alleged perpetrator of the crime. That too is the responsibility of law enforcement. It's also not a CSA's responsibility to try and convince a victim to contact law enforcement if the victim chooses not to do so.


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