'Understanding the Opioid Crisis,' by Glenn Sterner - Video #8021

'Understanding the Opioid Crisis,' by Glenn Sterner

Glenn Sterner, assistant professor of criminal justice at Penn State Abington, delivered the keynote speech at Penn State Schuylkill and Lehigh Valley Hospital – Schuylkill’s “Opioids: The Crisis Next Door” conference, hosted at the Schuylkill campus on Sept. 21. Sterner’s talk, titled “Understanding the Opioid Crisis,” provided an overview of the epidemic  from the early 2000s until today. He explained the difference between opiates, which are naturally derived, and opioids, which are synthetic or chemically altered; spoke about where these drugs come from; and explored the ways in which addictions develop.

Credit: Vince Mitchell, Samantha L. Bower