Penn State Schuylkill Honors Program recognizes academic achievement

Honors Ceremony graphic with decorative elements and Penn State Schuylkill logo.
Credit: Kim Mousseau

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. — Penn State Schuylkill celebrated the achievements of its Honors Program students during a virtual ceremony held on April 20. This annual event recognizes the exemplary effort and dedication required of Penn State Schuylkill Honors Program students. Opening addresses by Chancellor Patrick Jones and Darcy Medica, director of academic affairs, extolled the merits of the program and the importance, now more than ever, of the student experience in rigorous, fact-based research and academics.

The program offers opportunities for students to enrich their education through honors coursework, research with faculty, and educational extracurricular activities, including visits to museums and historical sites, team-building workshops with peers, and, in more typical times, attendance at various live performances, travel opportunities and more.

Incoming first-year students with a 3.5 GPA or higher may apply to the program, and eligibility is incumbent upon maintaining the minimum honors course load, a 3.3 GPA, and meeting all other program requirements, including the upholding of the Honors Code based on the Penn State values. Honors courses and independent honors options are part of individualized academic plans developed collaboratively with students, academic advisers, and Honors Program coordinators.

“We are so proud of all of our honors students,” said Valerie Schrader, associate professor of communication arts and sciences and program coordinator. “To achieve academic excellence, especially during a global pandemic, is no easy task. I think many people assume that being an honors student is just about being smart, but it's also about working hard, being a good person, and embodying the Penn State values. Our Penn State Schuylkill honors students exhibit all of these characteristics, and working with them as honors coordinator is one of the favorite parts of my job.”

The Honors Program awardees for spring 2021 are:

Honors Cord Recipients

Honors cord recipients are students who are graduating with a baccalaureate degree who have also achieved the required number of Honors credits for each year of membership.

  • Richard Harper (two year member, graduated fall 2020)
  • Adam Moyer (four year member, graduating summer 2021)
  • Kiana Rivera (two year member, graduating spring 2021)
  • Rebecca Vilella-Perez (one year member, graduated fall 2020)

Honors Program Graduating Students

All graduating students who are members in good standing in the Honors Program.

  • Richard Harper (bachelor of arts in psychology, minor in sociology)
  • Adam Moyer (bachelor of arts in corporate communication, minor in communication arts & sciences)
  • Kiana Rivera (bachelor of arts in psychology, minor in sociology)
  • Rebecca Vilella-Perez (bachelor of science in administration of justice, minor in sociology)
  • Rachel Wiest (associate of science in business administration)

Students are awarded certificates based on the number of honors course credits completed. Each year signifies seven honors course credits earned. Those students who complete at least one honors course credit earn a certificate of participation.

First-Year Certificate

  • Caitlyn Albitz
  • Jeffrey Alloway
  • Almadelia Cardona
  • Emily Carestia
  • Brendan Dotter
  • Karandhir Flora
  • Dominique Hughes
  • Michael Johnson-Ponce
  • Hannah Meyer
  • Kathryn Muth
  • Paige Pratt
  • Kayleigh Raczka
  • Caleb Reedy
  • Hayley Salen
  • Logan Seddon
  • Poetic Session
  • Jonathan Stacey
  • Rachel Wiest

Second-Year Certificate

  • Sophia Bates
  • Shannon Domermuth
  • Sean Duffy
  • Gabriel Fleming
  • Morgan Lusch
  • Dylan Miller
  • Grace Muench
  • Joahlana Najunas
  • Dylan Reber
  • Colleen Reed
  • Kiana Rivera
  • Amber Rupp
  • Cassandra Ward

Third-Year Certificate

  • Corinne Ellis
  • Lexi Johns
  • Saige Lowe
  • Adam Moyer
  • Colleen Reed
  • Michael Russell
  • Courtney Weikel

Fourth-Year Certificate

  • Lexi Johns
  • Adam Moyer

Honors Participation Certificate

  • Emily Alarcon
  • Dean Amato
  • Kayla Baney
  • Daiquon Banks
  • Aridayli Cespedes Beltre
  • Saidah Burke
  • Austin Cain
  • Bryan Daniels
  • Kevin Devine
  • James Devlin
  • Joshua Gantz
  • Christina Gerlott
  • Ximena Gonzalez
  • Kyla Guillermo
  • Bethany Hollenbush
  • Seth Hubler
  • Sunnie Jones
  • Madison Meyer
  • Matthew Panaro
  • Allison Peterman
  • Carol Rayos
  • Tiffany Reid
  • Saliyah Sebro-McQueen
  • Lucas Centola E Silva
  • Branden Snider
  • Anna Stoever
  • Madison Throne
  • Brendan Welsh-Lowe
  • Haylea Winand
  • Jordan Zelinsky

Learn more about the Penn State Schuylkill Honors Program or contact the Office of Admission to learn about all of the academic opportunities available to students at Penn State Schuylkill.