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Small Worlds/Tiny Earth students

In February 2020, a group of Penn State Schuylkill's Microbiology 107 students took soil samples from the campus grounds. After securing their samples that day, they returned to the lab where they diluted their soil and smeared it on petri dishes to search for naturally occurring antibiotics. From left to right: Marleigh Cressley-Lipinski, Melissa Crenko, Courtney Foster, and Rachel Strohl.

Schuylkill Speaks: 2020 grad James Abicunas prospers in face of medical hardship

The accomplishments of 2020 Penn State Schuylkill biology graduate James Abicunas read like those of many other high-achieving students. He was a member of the Honors Program, a student-athlete, a merit scholarship winner, a student researcher, and more. But in 2019, Abicunas faced serious medical issues, including undergoing a liver transplant, yet fought to stay on track with his studies and graduate as planned.

Schuylkill Speaks: Adversity sparks ambition for double major Matthew Williams

In just four short years, Matthew Williams has earned three degrees from Penn State. During that time, he has studied abroad in Spain; represented Penn State Schuylkill at THON; tutored droves of students; and showed himself his true potential. Triumph over adversity has fueled Williams’ Penn State story as he conquered addiction and navigated his mother’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. As Williams looks to his bright future, he reflects on all the ways Penn State helped him realize the way forward, sharing his story in the hopes that it inspires others to take the lead in their own stories, as well.

Schuylkill Speaks: 2020 graduate Armani Jefferson finds joy in giving back

During her time on campus, Armani Jefferson has distinguished herself as a valuable student member of the residence life team in Student Affairs. Those who know her describe Jefferson as the kind of person everyone can count on: someone who will always show up, and with a smile. This spring Jefferson received the Student Life Outstanding Service and Leadership Award, for excellence in service and leadership to the campus community and local, national, and global communities.

Schuylkill Speaks: Senior Tara Laubenstine continues Penn State family legacy

Tara Laubenstine comes from a long line of Penn Staters. When she began her college search, she knew exactly where she would apply and eagerly wait to be accepted. This week, she will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in psychology, after which she will pursue a career in human resource management. She made the most of her college experience by becoming involved, and with graduation on the horizon, Laubenstine sat down to speak about her college experience and offer advice to the incoming class.