Undecided students get guidance at Majors to Career Fair

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. — An estimated 20 to 50 percent of undergraduate students enter college with an "undecided" major. And 50 to 70 percent of undergraduate students will change their major at least once before they graduate.  

Tina Rose, coordinator of career development and internships, started a new event to help students who are looking for a major that fits their interests, and for which they have a passion for pursuing. The event also helps students learn career options for the majors in which they have an interest. Nov. 8 marked Penn State Schuylkill's first Majors to Career Fair where over 80 students met with over 40 faculty, staff, employers and alumni. 

Rose was especially impressed with the number of students and employers who attended the event. When she was asked about how she thought of the idea for the fair, she said, "Many students would come to me and say they have no idea what major to pursue." 

Rose also said that many students knew which major they wanted, but had no idea what career they wanted to pursue with that major or even what they could do with the major. So she collaborated with the Academic Advising office, which had received many of the same questions. The Majors to Career Fair was born out of that collaboration.

Rose had this to say about student participation: "I think first-year students would benefit from something like this a little bit more, but honestly this is a good event for students who are confused, not sure, or have no idea what major or career they want." She also mentioned that students of all majors, academic years, and career paths are welcome at the fair.

There are plans to make the Majors to Career Fair a yearly event. "We will change the timing of the event and aim for late September or early October," Rose said, explaining that the switch was to accommodate students prior to declaring their majors and scheduling their classes for the spring semester. 

Employers who attended the 2017 fair mentioned how impressed they were with the student population at Penn State Schuylkill, and many said they plan to return to the fair next year.