Penn State Schuylkill professor publishes new work

Michael J. Cardamone, professor of physics at Penn State Schuylkill, recently published a new book. "Fundamental Concepts of Physics," published by Brown-Walker, presents the science of physics in a nonthreatening, nonmathematical conceptual format. With the book's emphasis on the historical and cultural foundations of physics, the text is accessible to anyone with a curiosity concerning how we arrived at our current understanding of our physical world and its place in the universe. The book is designed for use as a text for nontechnical undergraduate students.

Cardamone, a longtime member of the Penn State Schuylkill community, has served on the faculty and in various administrative positions throughout his career. Although the author of many scientific papers published worldwide, the current book is his first effort in making physics accessible to a broader audience.

He chose to publish with Brown-Walker because of the publisher's unique efforts to keep books affordable. The text is available as a paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble or as either a paperback or e-book directly from the publisher. The publisher's Web site makes the first 25 pages of the e-book available without charge so interested potential readers can browse before deciding to purchase.