Religious & Philosophical Forum presents "Islam and the Environment"

The Religious and Philosophical Forum will host its second presentation for this semester on Friday, March 27 at noon in the R. Michael Fryer Conference Center on the Schuylkill Campus of the Pennsylvania State University.  It is entitled, "Islam and the Environment" and it will be presented by Ms Rubina Tareen, Director of the Outreach Program, Islamic Society of Schuylkill County.

Ms Tareen has wrote the following concerning her upcoming presentation:

Many have the idea of Mohammad (Peace be upon him) as a prophet of Islam, a statesman, a military leader, a ruler, a teacher and much more.  But what may strike some as strange is that he was also an environmentalist--one of the greatest environmentalists that has ever lived.  My speech will be based on two sources: the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith (sayings of the prophets), showing the Islamic views on stewardship and its importance.

Rubina Khan Tareen is currently a student at Zaytuna Islamic Seminary studying Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence).  She is also the founder and the President of Bayaan Inc. and the Director of the Outreach  (interfaith) Program of the Islamic Society of Schuylkill County.  Ms Tareen is on the board of the Interfaith health network.  As an event coordinator for Zaytuna Institute, she has successfully organized many Islamic conferences and retreats in the Northeast.

Bayaan Inc. is an online Islamic and comparative religion bookstore.  The website address is: http://www.bayaanincnet/

This lecture continues the Religious and Philosophical Forum theme of the academic year: "Religion Today: Faith in the Twenty First Century." This specific lecture also continues the specific theme of the intersect of religion and concern for the environment, which Pastor Karl Jones brought up last month in relation to Christianity.

Please try to attend and bring a friend to what will be a very informative presentation in what has turned out to be an extraordinary series.  As always, there will be ample time for questions and discussion and lunch will be provided.