Penn State Schuylkill College Prep Program for Adults

Are you an adult that is looking to go back to school, but are wondering how to get started?  Or maybe you are wondering if you can even afford it.  Perhaps you are even unsure about your ability to balance family, work, and school.    Do you find yourself to be intimidated by the idea of stepping back into the classroom?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then Penn State Schuylkill's College Prep Program for Adults is for you!  Let us help you learn time management skills, participate in a career assessment, complete your financial aid forms, and apply to Penn State Schuylkill.  All of this and much more can be yours for the low total cost of $25!

The campus will offer a College Prep Program for Adults beginning in April to provide an understanding of the college process, tools necessary to become a successful student and an understanding of personal and educational goals.

This program is geared toward the adult student that perhaps never thought about going to college after high school, who lived life and did other things and now may be a little apprehensive about starting college.

The program cost of $25 will cover material and refreshments. A start date will be set based on the number of participants and the course will be offered one night each week for five weeks.

To register, please contact Shannon Wabby at 570-385-6112 or via email at [email protected].