Video shows enduring partnership between Commonwealth and Penn State

Feb. 22 marked the date that Penn State was founded in 1855 as a publicly supported agricultural college. In 1863, Penn State was designated as Pennsylvania's land-grant college -- a distinction that only Penn State holds and a designation that created a university to educate large segments of society that had not yet been served by higher education. To underscore Penn State's important relationship with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Penn State Outreach has created a video that highlights the many successes of the University and the individuals whose lives have been touched by Penn State.

As one of the nation's first land-grant institutions, Penn State has been in a partnership with Pennsylvania for nearly 150 years. Through this partnership, Penn State has provided both access to education and expertise to help solve some of society's most pressing problems.

"It's a designation that meant Penn State would work to improve the well-being of farmers and industrial workers," said Penn State President Graham Spanier. "It meant that Penn State was one of the 'people's universities,' created to make a difference in the lives of citizens."

Today, Penn State plays a significant role in education, research and service that supports the development of the Commonwealth and its residents.

"Penn State is proud of its partnership with Pennsylvania and remains committed to the Commonwealth as we move forward in the 21st Century," said Spanier.

To learn more about this unique partnership, click on the video link: