Penn State Schuylkill Cheerleaders participate in international video

Dancing 2012

In February 2012, the Penn State Schuylkill Cheerleaders met with Matt Harding of Where the Hell is Matt, to participate in a video that features Matt dancing with dozens of groups from all over the world.

Matt Harding is internationally known for his videos and "bad dancing" as he travels around the world. His videos have gone viral on the internet with over 42 MILLION views!

His new video, released June 20, 2012, includes the Penn State Schuylkill cheerleaders dancing with Matt in our own campus gym at time spots :12 and 1:50. Below is the link to the video on YouTube that currently has 6 million views. The cheerleaders were also featured on the posters used for promotion.

Jodi Staller, Marketing Communications Specialist and Cheerleading Advisor at Penn State Schuylkill receives a thank you in the credits at the end of the video.