Penn State Schuylkill 80th Anniversary Kickoff

The official kickoff of Penn State Schuylkill's year-long 80th anniversary celebration is scheduled for Thursday, January 30, 2014 at noon in the lobby of the Student Community Center. Students, faculty, staff, advisory board members, and the community are invited to attend this event to commemorate our 80 year partnership with the Schuylkill community. Details on all of the events scheduled during the year-long celebration will be unveiled at the kickoff.

We're looking forward to this year-long celebration of our 80th anniversary. It provides the opportunity to review our legacy of excellence over the past 80 years; to renew our current commitment to providing a student-centered education, steeped in strong academic excellence and rich with opportunities for community engagement; and to re-energize for a long and prosperous future, bright with endless opportunities to partner with the greater Schuylkill community for the continued success of both Penn State Schuylkill and the surrounding community.

For additional information contact:
Jodi Staller, 570-385-6221