Information Sciences and Technology (IST)

The digital age has made the world smaller, faster, more interactive and increasingly mobile. But no matter how fast and smart machines become, they still rely on the power of human creativity. It's people that create new ways to look at and evaluate the infinite opportunities of the digital age. Information Sciences and Technology draws on a variety of knowledge disciplines to help individuals unlock the power of their own creativity and fuel the world's most powerful problem solving machine—the human mind.

Information Sciences and Technology (IST) courses are structured to provide students with the theoretical frameworks and skill sets necessary to compete and be productive in the information technology-intensive global context that defines the "Information Age."

Integration and Application option

This option examines how information technology can enable and support how work is accomplished within and between businesses. You will analyze the needs of an organization, formulate and implement technology-based solutions, and evaluate the outcomes. Students in this option work on projects such as designing software applications for local businesses or community organizations.

Career Opportunities

Some students in the IST program go on to careers as business consultants, where they use technology to solve problems at businesses and make organizations run more smoothly, while others work as software and Web developers, creating IT solutions for businesses, government organizations. Still other students pursue a wide array of technology-oriented career options in marketing, research and development, and other areas where technology is used.

Sample Job Titles

  • Business analysis consultant
  • Business systems delivery specialist
  • Certification and accreditation consultant
  • Information systems engineer
  • Information technology manager
  • IT specialist
  • Security architecture analyst
  • Software technology analyst
  • Systems integration associate
  • Strategic architect
  • Technology analyst
  • Technology integration associate


For more information about IST courses, contact:

Brian Gardner
Program Coordinator
Penn State Schuylkill
[email protected]

Professor Andrew Sears
College of Information Sciences and Technology
University Park