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Health and Safety Policy - MRI Imaging

Health and Safety Policy - MRI Imaging

Students will rotate through MRI as part of their educational process and need to be aware of the potential workplace hazards associated with magnetic fields. Students should be aware of the potential dangers of entering the MRI area if they have implants or foreign bodies. The following safety screening protocol for all students assures that students are appropriately screened for magnetic wave or radiofrequency hazards:

Students rotate in MRI in the 6thand 7thsemesters only. 

  1. During the 5thsemester, second year students attend an all-day Specialty Rotation Orientation Day at the Hershey Medical Center which includes a presentation by an MRI representative and the site clinical instructor.
  2. Material covered in this PowerPoint presentation includes a discussion of equipment and safety.
  3. A video entitled, “Basic MRI Safety” is viewed by the students.
  4. At the end of the presentation, students complete the MRI Student Safety Clearance Checklist and indicate they have watched the video.  Copies of the checklist are maintained in the student’s clinical folder and in the student’s advising folder on campus.
  5. Any positive replies to the checklist will be further investigated with the MRI supervisor to determine student eligibility to participate in an MRI rotation.

Reviewed 1/18