Facilities Usage/Rental Policy

Guidelines and procedures for use of facilities at Penn State Schuylkill by non-university groups.


The Penn State Schuylkill is an operating unit of the University College of the Pennsylvania State University. Its primary mission is to provide educational services and facilities to those enrolled as full-time and part-time students. In addition, the campus is designed to serve special educational and cultural interests of Schuylkill County and the geographical area of Pennsylvania considered within reach of the campus. 

The Schuylkill campus must provide principally for all scheduled services for its students. However, special provisions may be made for particular events, exhibits, or uses that enhance the educational program or add to the cultural enrichment of the community.

In light of the above, the purpose of this statement is to improve the scheduling process, clarify information, and reduce confusion regarding the use of classrooms and other spaces for University and Non-University groups wishing to make use of University facilities. 


Use of University facilities will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

  1. Instructional programs of the University
  2. Campus-sponsored functions (student, faculty, staff, Advisory Board)
  3. Alumni event
  4. Meetings of non-profit organizations and other events open to the public.


Non-University groups may use University facilities when approval is granted within these guidelines. The use of facilities by non-University groups such as organized civic, cultural, service, religious and industrial organizations, public school groups, college and University groups with membership not restricted to Penn State students, faculty and staff, may be authorized, provided that:

  • University use of all facilities shall have absolute preemptive priority over other groups. The University reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or alter arrangements for any event, if necessary.
  • The group is a not-for-profit organization
  • The use of the facility is for NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Further, the event shall not normally have as its purpose the raising of funds for activities or causes outside the University. If fund raising is to take place, a detailed plan for the destination of funds must be specifically approved by the University. No funds can go to any organization or individual other than a tax exempt organization or one which would be clearly eligible for tax exempt status.
  • Charges will be made to groups to recover expenses incurred by the University in making facilities available. In addition, the University may charge a fee for the use of its facilities in those cases where authorization is granted by the University for the collection of admission fees or donations.
  • The group agrees to take precautions to assure the physical safety of participants and University property and to release the University from any liability responsibility in conjunction with the use of the facility.
  • It is the policy of the Pennsylvania State University that all Athletics facilities (spaces typically, but not solely, designated for specific intercollegiate athletic program(s) use) will be accessible only by those University athletes and athletic personnel authorized to access such facilities, and during their normal hours of operation. Recreational facilities (spaces typically, but not solely designated for recreational activity not affiliated with intercollegiate athletic activity) are useable only by those individuals with a valid University student or faculty/staff/retiree identification card.
  • The Non-University group agrees to follow all applicable University policies, which can be viewed at the following website: http://guru.psu.edu/policies/ 
  • If the Non-University group's event will involve minors, the group certifies that the Officer/Representative whose signature appears on the Idemnification Agreement has read University Policy AD39 and has complied with all relevant aspects of this policy found at http://guru.psu.edu/policies/AD39.html
  • The use of facilities is for purposes which do not conflict with the general aims and purposes of the University, and do not violate University regulations or local, state and federal laws (e.g., admission taxes, health and safety standards, use of alcoholic beverages). Approval to use facilities does not necessarily imply approval of the aims and purposes of the sponsoring organization nor of the planned event. 
  • If your event is to be catered, Penn State Schuylkill Food Services has the right of first refusal to sell/serve food and beverage service. When you reserve a facility, please let the college contact person know that you need catering for your event. If you receive permission to use an outside caterer, you must choose a caterer from the "Approved Caterer" list. If you have a new caterer who wishes to become University listed, refer to Penn State Controller's website, "Insurance Requirements for Caterers."
  • Any use of the name of the University, other than to indicate the location of the event, must be approved in advance by the University.
  • Campus facilities will not be used to conduct regularly scheduled religious services except for those scheduled through the Office of Student Affairs for the benefit of currently enrolled students.
  • Campus facilities will not be used for private special events, such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc.
  • Information must be provided in advance to the University regarding all financial arrangements involved in the conduct of the meeting.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served at any function unless permission is obtained from the Chancellor.
  • A 72-hour cancellation or postponement policy will be in effect. Unavoidable costs will be charged. Exceptions will be made for unforeseeable severe weather. 


Non-University Use

  • All requests from non-University groups wishing to use facilities must be submitted in writing to the Director of Business Services. Requests should be received a minimum of 30 days in advance.  The request should include the exact dates, times, and facilities requested.  A brief statement as to the activity being conducted must also be included.
  • All requests received will be reviewed by the Director of Business Services.  University groups have absolute priority over Non-University groups.  Non-university groups are permitted to use campus facilities a maximum of 4 times per calendar year.
  • The Director of Business Services will notify the University group or the Non-University group as to the status of the request after a decision has been made.
  • After the use of the facility is approved, all Non-University Groups must complete the University Indemnification Agreement to confirm their request.  Final approval cannot be granted until the agreement is signed and returned. 
  • Non-University groups may also be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance issued by their insurance agent listing Penn State University as an additional insured for at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence.   Final approval cannot be granted until the insurance certificate is received by the University. 
    • The Certificate Holder must be shown as:
         The Pennsylvania State University
         c/o Penn State Schuylkill                             
         200 University Drive
         Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
    • The Certificate of Insurance must evidence a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence General Liability Insurance, written on an occurrence basis. 
    • The Pennsylvania State University must be shown as an Additional Insured under the above coverage. 
    • The certificate should provide for thirty day notice of cancellation. Any Certificate of Insurance limited to a specific event or date is not acceptable.
    • All required forms and certificates must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the event.  If the forms and certificate are not received within that timeframe, the facility will be made available for use by other groups.
  • The Fee Schedule located on the Business Services website has been approved by the University Controller’s Office. Fees are not subject to negotiation. The Chancellor retains the sole authority to reduce fees in certain unique situations.
  • The Campus Business Office will prepare and mail an invoice for use of facilities to Non-University groups.
  • Fees are based on prudent use of facilities.  Damages caused by outside groups will result in an additional charge being levied on that group.

Groups using the facilities are expected to note and follow conditions of use stated in this document and on the reservation form. After approval is given for the event, the University’s indemnification agreement, the group’s proof of non-profit status, and insurance coverage required for the use of University facilities will need to be provided or completed. In addition, a schedule of possible charges will be provided.