Advising Center Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who my adviser is?
Find your academic adviser by going to LionPATH and clicking on Advisor tab in Student Center.

How do I decide on the right Major for me?
Finding the right major is certainly one of those major decisions; however, Penn State has a variety of Online Resources available to assist you in exploring the University's opportunities. Remember to contact your adviser to discuss your options and planning.

How do I change my Major?
A Change of Major request may be discussed in with the ARC advisors.

I am performing poorly in one or more classes, what should I do?
Explore options such as talking to your professor, receiving tutoring assistance from the ARC, and working with study partners or groups from among your classmates. If this does not help, you may want to consider a Late Drop or Withdrawal from the semester. You can learn more about these processes from your advisor.

How and when can I drop and/or add a course?
Drop/add is the process of adjusting a student's schedule by dropping or adding courses after initial registration. Courses can be added and/or dropped during the regular Drop/Add period, which is during the first week of the semester. You can either fill out a Drop/Add form and submit it to the Registrar's Office at your campus or go through LionPATH. If a course is dropped during the regular Drop/Add period, it will not show up on your transcript. The Late Drop period is from the end of Drop/Add to the end of the twelfth week of the semester. If a course is dropped during the Late Drop period, it will show up on your transcript as a withdrawal grade. Contact your advisor for details.

If I repeat a course that I earned "D" or "F" in and got a better grade, will the "D" or "F" grade be replaced by the better grade?
All grades, including "D" and "F", remain on your transcript. If the course is repeated, the higher grade will also appear on the transcript with a notation stating that the course was repeated.

Why is it important to maintain full-time status (12 credits)?
Most medical insurance policies require that students have a minimum of 12 credits per fall and spring semester. In addition, if you have financial aid, 24 credits must completed across the fall, spring and summer semester. You also need to be full-time to live on-campus.

How do I transfer to another Penn State campus?
Sometimes transferring is automatic, sometimes it is not. Contact you’re the ARC to get information on how to complete a Change of Assignment form to another Penn State location. A Change of Assignment does not happen as a result of choosing a major. Change of Assignment and choosing a major are two distinct processes.

What General Education courses should I take?
"General Education — Oh so that's what it is" is often what students remark when they learn what opportunities this part of the curriculum represents. Some Majors even recommend or require certain General Education courses, so remember to contact your adviser to discuss this. You can also consult a Degree Audit for more information.

Do I have to complete a Foreign Language?
Foreign Language proficiency is a graduation requirement for all Bachelor of Arts degrees and many professional degrees. You may want to contact your adviser or consult a Degree Audit for more information.

What is a Degree Audit?
A Degree Audit is a personalized academic planning tool that lists the graduation requirements, required courses, and your progress towards completion of a Penn State degree. You may access Degree Audits from LionPATH. Reading a Degree Audit is not too hard once you get the hang of it.