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Kyanna, Brenna, Dr. Valerie Schrader, Christina and Baylee examine their submissions.

Penn State Schuylkill Students to Present at Regional Communication Conference

The “Outlander” TV Series, “Hannibal,” “Game of Thrones,” Memes and More
Students walk along Schuylkill mall walk after some midday autumn rainfall.

Penn State Schuylkill to introduce Project and Supply Chain Management degree program in fall 2018

A new degree program, Project and Supply Chain Management, is coming to Penn State Schuylkill in fall 2018. Classroom instruction will be complemented with hands-on research and experiential learning opportunities that will equip students for early career success in designing and operating today’s complex management systems, including honing quantitative and interpersonal skills.

Schuylkill THON dancers pose for a photo with THON child Devin and her father Nick

Dancing for the kids

Smiles, big hearts and lots of love
Students Marla and Alyssa stand next to the campus certified pollinator friendly garden in their bee suits.

National conference helps inform future careers for young researchers

New experiences inspire new understandings that often lead to an unexpected egress in the road ahead.
Harnoor Singh, former Schuylkill student, sits in the library.

An astounding start at Penn State Schuylkill leads to a promising future

While attending Schuylkill, Harnoor knew he wanted to help people be healthy. Now, he's on his way to earning his doctorate.
Governor Tom Wolf speaks to two participants in LionLaunch, Penn State Schuylkill's entrepreneurship initiative that exists as a part of Invent Penn State.

Governor Tom Wolf visits Penn State Schuylkill’s LionLaunch Innovation Hub

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf made a quick stop by Penn State Schuylkill's LionLaunch Innovation Hub on Jan. 12, touring the facility and learning more about the Invent Penn State initiative.
Schuylkill's lion shrine dons a festive holiday wreath.

Together...we are

Penn State Schuylkill looks back on 2017.
honey bees on a honeycomb

In pursuit of the best practices for the organic beekeeping industry

Dr. Brenna Traver is part of a team of Penn State scientists comparing different honey bee management systems on the largest scale ever undertaken to help alleviate colony losses.
Giving Tuesday image

Penn State Schuylkill’s Inaugural Giving Tuesday campaign

It's the season of giving. Contribute a gift today.
Schuylkill's new dining center renderings pictured in both daylight and nightlight

Major dining center renovation plan unveiled at Penn State Schuylkill

Windows—lots of them, game room, stage, outside amphitheater, and, oh yeah, food options!