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Student File Inventory Checklist

Student File Inventory Checklist


The following items shall be maintained as part of the Student's File:

Academic Advising Records
Academic Course Material **
Affiliate Incident/Accident Reports +
Anecdotal Form(s) +
Anecdotal Form(s) +
Annual Day Form ***
Annual Day Form ***
Birth date
Clinical Competency Evaluation Forms **
Clinical Competency Evaluation Record
Conference Form(s) +
CPR Certification date/copy of card
Emergency Notification Phone Number/Person
End of Semester Clinical Conference Forms
End of Semester Clinical Evaluation Forms
Local and Home Address
RAD Rules (Policy and Procedure Manual) Agreement ***
Radiation Dosimetry Report
RADSC 295 Clinical Education Attendance
Random Recheck Form(s) **
Random Recheck Form(s) **
Semester Grade Records
Student / Clinical Instructor Evaluations **
Student Technologist Evaluations **


+ May not be in student's file if form was not utilized.
* Upon notification of successfully passing the ARRT exam the students file is then purged, only relevant information is maintained.
** Purged at conclusion of semester.

*** Purged following graduation.

Revised 8/19/05