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RADSC Program Coordinator Introduction

RADSC Program Coordinator Introduction


Dear Student: 

Welcome to Penn State University's Associate degree program in Radiological Sciences (RADSC).

This manual describes the University's policies for radiography students and serves as a guide for your didactic and clinical responsibilities.  Program policies and other related areas are covered.

The policies outlined have been developed specifically for the students to reference and to reinforce the didactic and clinical requirements of the program.  Some of these policies are similar to and some differ from the personnel policies for radiology staff employees.

Material in this manual is subject to change.  Students will be informed of changes prior to implementation. 

We hope you will find your association with the radiologic technologists, instructors, and other students intellectually and professionally rewarding.


Hilary H. Yotko, M.Ed., R.T.(R)
Interim Program Director