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Radiation Monitoring / Call in Policy / Departure Notification / Smoking Policy

Radiation Monitoring / Call in Policy / Departure Notification / Smoking Policy


The Radiologic Science program will provide radiation monitoring dosimeters to all students assigned to the clinical education centers.

Student radiation dosimetry records will be maintained on the Landauer secure website and in program records.  Students will have access to their individual radiation dosimetry record on the Landauer website and will also obtain a summary of their radiation dosimetry record at the end of semester clinical conferences conducted by the clinical coordinator and clinical facilitator.

Each student will be responsible for:

  1. Wearing their radiation dosimetry badge as designated, at all times while in clinical education and notify their clinical instructor if their radiation dosimetry badge is lost or not in their possession while in clinical setting.
  2. Keeping their radiation dosimetry badge secure at all times while in their possession.
  3. Exchanging their radiation dosimetry badge for the next bi-monthly monitoring period.  
  4. Storing their radiation dosimetry badge in a secure location at their assigned clinical site, away from water, excessive heat, ionizing radiation, or other environmental factors which may expose the dosimetry badge.
  5. Immediately reporting the loss of radiation dosimetry badge to the program director, clinical coordinator, or clinical instructor to obtain a replacement radiation dosimetry badge.
  6.  Becoming familiar with and reading each of their bi-monthly radiation dosimetry reports on the Landauer website.
  7. Discuss any excessive radiation exposure recorded on the radiation dosimeter with the program director. An effective dose limit for whole body of 5 rem (50 mSv) /year is applicable; a program action limit of 50 mrem (.5 mSv) per 2 month period is identified; if the action limit would be reached, the program director will meet with the student to discuss the significance of the reading and to review radiation safety procedures.
  8. Returning the radiation dosimetry badge at the end of each semester to Program Director or Clinical Instructor.
  9. Return radiation dosimetry badge to program director upon completing or withdrawing from the program.

Revised 1/18 


Any event which causes a student to be late or absent should be reported to the clinical instructor prior to starting time if possible. If unable to speak to clinical instructor directly, leave a message and be sure to document the time you called and the person spoken with, then call back between 8-8:15 and speak with clinical instructor; if unable to reach clinical instructor, the student should contact the program director , clinical coordinator or clinical facilitator. This is important so your RADSC Clinical Attendance Record will be accurate. If a student is absent for three consecutive clinical education days, a doctor's release form must be presented to the program director before the student reports to the clinical area. This procedure is necessary in order to protect the health of other students, staff and patients. Refer to the phone index for the list of program and clinical faculty phone numbers.


Any time a student leaves the radiology department it is necessary to inform the clinical instructor/supervising technologist. Being absent without notification from the department in conjunction with your clinical assignment (i.e. assigned to operating room or portables) is acceptable. Any other time spent outside the radiology department needs to be reported to the designated staff. Arrival back in the department should also be reported. It is vital for department management to know the whereabouts of staff and students at all times. Hospital disaster/emergency policies dictate this procedure.


Clinical education centers are smoke free institutions. No breaks are given in the program. The clinical instructor will allow students opportunity to get refreshments during the clinical times as necessary.

 Revised 10/12/2004