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Program Completion / Time Requirements / Graduation Requirements

Program Completion / Time Requirements / Graduation Requirements


Although part time study is possible, preference for scheduling courses is given to full time degree seeking students. Faculty view appropriate sequencing of RADSC courses as critical. The level of difficulty and comprehensiveness of the curriculum content may not lead to successful completion of the program and/or registry examination when courses are not taken concurrently and in sequence. Academic courses may be rearranged to meet the needs of the students, but the clinical course sequence itself is rather inflexible. The full time student should complete this 28 month program in no more than 42 months after enrollment.


If the student completes all areas of the curriculum, graduation occurs 28 months after matriculation (i.e. enter in August, graduation in December). The Schuylkill Campus Fall Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion followed by a social reception for the graduates and their guests.

Students must satisfy the following requirements for graduation: successful completion of stated number of preliminary competencies and final competencies (150/74) and core and elective competencies as stated, all clinical objectives and the course requirements of 72 credits, having earned at least a "C" average (a grade-point average of 2.00) for all courses.

Rev 8/2002