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Professional Development / Program Committees

Professional Development / Program Committees


In order to provide an educational environment structured to develop a competent health care professional, the clinical faculty is encouraged to pursue additional learning experiences. These experiences will aid the faculty member in adapting to changes and challenges within the professional society and to make these changes and new ideas available to the students. Emphasis is placed on instruction proficiency, curriculum design, organization, and counseling.

Participating in educational and professional activities will be funded by the RADSC program budget when feasible.

As hospital employees, the clinical faculty members also receive tuition reimbursement per hospital site regulations.


The Advisory Committee meets annually in November. This meeting is arranged by the University, specifically the Program Director. The goals of this committee are:

1.  To make recommendations to the Radiologic Science program concerning:
     a.  Program philosophy
     b.  Objectives and policy changes
     c.  Curriculum content/revisions
     d.  Clinical education

2.  To address problems that may occur at the clinical sites in regards to university policies.   

3.  To maintain channels of communication between the university and the designated clinical sites.

4.  To provide impetus for self-study and periodic evaluation of the programs effectiveness.

5.  To maintain compliance with standards for an accredited educational programs in radiological sciences.

The Advisory Committee consists of: Program Director, Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Facilitator, Clinical Instructor, Radiology Manager/Chief Technologist from each clinical education center, Campus Chancellor, Director of Academic Affairs, Coordinator - Science, Engineering and Technology, and Campus Faculty Members.


This committee meets annually in April to review: program goals, student learning outcomes, ARRT exam results, and employer and graduate surveys to identify program effectiveness. A report of the committee's findings relative to program outcome assessment is presented at the Advisory Committee's Annual Meeting in November. Members of the Program Assessment Committee include: Program Director, Radiologic Science Program, Director of Enrollment Services, Campus SET Faculty Coordinator, Director of Academic Affairs, Campus Registrar, Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Science Program, Clinical Facilitator, Radiologic Science Program, Clinical Instructors, Radiologic Science Program, Radiology Managers and/or Chief Technologists of Clinical Facilities, and a Program Graduate.

 Revised 10/01/2013