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Pregnancy Policy

Pregnancy Policy

In accordance with NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13, a pregnant student has the option of declaring her pregnancy or remaining undeclared.  An undeclared pregnant student would continue in the program with no special consideration.  The declared pregnant student, after consulting with program officials, would choose one of the options listed below.  To declare a pregnancy, the student must inform the program director in writing of her status.  Declared status may be revoked by the student at any time and must be undeclared in writing.  Depending on level of education, the pregnant student may not be in a position to make an informed decision concerning declaration and non-declaration of pregnancy; therefore, NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13 follows for the pregnant student to review.  The appendix contains questions and answers concerning prenatal radiation exposure and a form letter to use for declaring pregnancy.  The pregnant student is encouraged to seek further consultation and information from program officials.  Any consultation between an undeclared pregnant student and program officials would be educational and informative, not punitive, in nature.   

The following options are available to the declared pregnant student: 


The declared pregnant student may continue in the RADSC Curriculum with no special considerations or restrictions. 


The declared pregnant student may continue in the RADSC Curriculum with the following restrictions concerning clinical rotations. 

The pregnant student will not participate in:

1) Fluoroscopic procedures (unless procedures are performed with remote control fluoroscopic equipment).

2) Mobile and surgical procedures.

3) Procedures involving Radium-Implant patients.   

Substitute clinical rotations will not be provided.  All clinical rotations missed by the student will be made up at the end of the program (which will result in a delay in program completion) or during semester breaks (by advance arrangement with the Clinical Coordinator).  The declared pregnant student will complete all didactic course requirements prior to enrolling in the next semester's RADSC course.  This is necessary since the RADSC courses are sequential and prerequisite courses must be successfully completed prior to the beginning of the next course. 


A declared pregnant student may drop (Senate Rule 34-89) the RADSC course in which she is currently enrolled, yet continue and complete all non-RADSC Courses for that semester.  (Note: a course may not be dropped after the last day of the 12th week of classes).  For the following semester, the student may (1) continue enrollment in non-RADSC Courses only or (2) request a Leave of Absence from the University (Senate Rule 56-70).  Students take no courses during a Leave of Absence.  Normally, a leave is for no longer than one year.  (Note: a Leave of Absence Form must be completed prior to the end of the final exam period preceding the semester that the leave becomes effective).  All previous clinical coursework will be re-evaluated by the Program Director / Clinical Coordinator to assure clinical competency. 


A declared pregnant student may immediately withdraw from the University (Senate Rule 56-30).  This is a withdrawal from all currently enrolled courses.  A W symbol will be recorded for each course of that semester.  (Note: a Withdraw Form must be filed prior to the last day of classes of that semester).  Students desiring to return for subsequent semesters must file a Readmission Form through the Admission Office.  This should be done at least one month prior to the semester of return.  All previous clinical course work will be re-evaluated by the Program Director/Clinical Coordinator to assure clinical competency. 

If the declared pregnant student chooses options I or II, an additional dosimetry badge will be provided to monitor fetal exposure.                                                                                                         

Revised 1/18