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Policy and Procedure Manual (RAD Rules) / Curriculum Revisions

Policy and Procedure Manual (RAD Rules) / Curriculum Revisions


All items in this manual are subject to periodic review and revision.

Students enrolled in the RADSC program, faculty and staff, clinical instructors and advisory committee members are encouraged to suggest any modification of this manual that would be designed to improve any aspect of the RADSC Program.

Students and staff will be informed of all policy revisions by written notification from the Program Director. The notification will be signed by students and staff to verify that they have read and reviewed the revised policy or policies. The signed document will be kept in the students/staff file in the program office.


Curriculum revisions are initiated by the Program Director. Input and impetus for curriculum changes result from student evaluations, Advisory Committee input, Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Facilitator, and Clinical Instructors' comments in addition to changes in accreditation and university requirements. Proposed changes are examined with reference to: professional need for change, impact of change on the existing program, and actual time commitment required of the students.

 Revised 10/10/2004