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Inside Penn State Schuylkill Nittany Apartments

Inside Penn State Schuylkill Nittany Apartments

The Penn State Schuylkill Nittany Apartments are all apartment-style living with full size kitchens, a living room, two bathrooms, and a separate vanity area. Some units have two bedrooms and others have three bedrooms. Bedrooms are typically for two students, but can be tripled. Each bedroom contains two beds, two desks, two dressers, and two closets.

Different buildings have different layouts: Nittany I has two bedrooms per unit while the remaining buildings have three bedrooms per unit.

All Nittany Apartments are smoke-free and this policy is strictly enforced. Any tampering of the fire safety equipment will result in a disciplinary action by Judicial Affairs, a fine, and loss of Penn State Schuylkill Advisory Board housing.

A laundry facility is located in each building. Students will use their LionCash to pay for washer and dryer use by swiping their Penn State ID card. The machines do not accept cash. Students can add money to their ID card online at

Take an online, panoramic tour of our Nittany Apartments.

Nittany I Apartments

This building is located in the center of campus on the hill above the classroom buildings. Upper classmen are typically housed in this building.

Nittany II, III, & IV Apartments

The Nittany II, III & IV buildings are located across University Drive from the Penn State Schuylkill campus. Each building has three floors, four apartments on each floor and three bedrooms in each apartment. Incoming freshman are normally assigned to these buildings.

The Nittany II, III, IV & V apartments have a full kitchen including dining room table/island and chairs, refrigerator, stove, and ample counter space. Most apartments have microwave ovens.

Each unit has three bedrooms in each apartment with two residents per bedroom. Each student is supplied with a bed, desk, and dresser.  One micro-fridge is supplied for each bedroom. No additional micro-fridges are permitted.

Each apartment has two bathrooms. They are equipped with a stand-up shower and toilet.  Shower curtains are not provided. Outside each bathroom is a vanity area with three sinks.  It is suggested that students bring bathroom throw rugs.

Nittany V Apartments

Constructed for the opening of the fall 2011 semester, Nittany V has earned a "Silver"  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. 

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building, home or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

Because Nittany V was built with the environment in mind, this Green Living House focuses on enhancing students' awareness of the environment and sustainability issues.  As part of the Green Living House, students can make a difference on campus by developing their own environmental initiatives. Students will have the opportunity to explore topics through interaction at a variety of social, environmental, and educationally focused programs.

Living rooms are very spacious. The kitchens are all equipped with microwaves and the bedrooms are all equipped with a micro-fridge. Students will need to bring a shower curtain.