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General Information

General Information


The Colter Computer Center is located on the bottom floor of the Classroom Building (C-Building). The computer center can be accessed through the main entrance in front of the building or through the side door inside the classroom building. The Cotler Computer Center is handicap accessible through our main entrance and the building's elevator.

Access Accounts

In order to use the computers in the student labs, you will need an Access Account. Access Accounts (consisting of a private User ID and a password) are available free of charge to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff. This account will give you access to all Penn State technology resources including eLion, email, Angel, wireless network access, and campus computer labs.

Students can obtain an Access Account at the Cotler Computer Center help desk by presenting a valid Penn State Student ID Card. Students agree to the usage polices of the Access Account upon receipt of the account information (see Policy AD20, Computer and Network Security for more information). Your Access Account also functions as your Penn State email address.

Your user ID is the "public" part of your Access Account. This is the part you should share with others so that they know where to send you email. Other than your user ID, you are not to share any other information about your Access Account with anyone. If you have reason to believe that another person has used your account, contact the help desk immediately.

The Help Desk

The Cotler Computer Center help desk is staffed during regular work hours by the Schuylkill ITS employees and during the evening and weekend hours by student workers. During the hours that are staffed by student workers, they will monitor the computer center and answer questions when possible. They also assist users with software applications and basic hardware use. While the expertise of each student worker varies, they have a working knowledge of the different software packages on the computers in the computer center. All faculty, staff, and students are asked to direct all computer and technology related problems, questions, and requests to the help desk. Problems that cannot be resolved by the help desk staff will be referred to the members of Computer Center staff.