Application for Admission to A.S. Degree in Radiologic Sciences

Thank you for your interest in Radiologic Science at Penn State!

This form is only for CURRENT, or PREVIOUSLY ENROLLED Penn State students who are interested in the Radiologic Sciences major.

NEW students should contact the Office of Admission in order to apply to Penn State.

Please note:

  • Nov. 30 is the deadline for consideration for fall admission to the Radiologic Science program
  • Students may apply only one time for the A.S. degree in Radiologic Science program

To be eligible, applicants must have completed one unit of high school algebra and one unit in any combination of advanced algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, or trigonometry; and two units of science, chemistry and physics. In addition, the following prerequisites should be completed prior to the end of December:

  • Completion of twelve or more credits with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or higher
  • Students that have not completed high school prerequisite science courses as listed above must successfully complete two comparable college science courses with final grades of C or better.
  • Students that have not completed the high school mathematics required prerequisite as listed above must complete the appropriate college prerequisite math course or courses to demonstrate math placement in MATH 21 College Algebra I.

Enrolled students must be in degree status to be eligible for admission to the Radiologic Science program.

Penn State students will be eligible for the Radiologic Science program applicant pool if they have:

  1. completed the required prerequisite courses and the number of credit hours listed above;
  2. applied by Nov. 30; and
  3. have a grade-point-average of 2.0 or higher (end of fall) that includes the course requirements.

Decisions will be sent via email in late January. Please do not request a change of major until you have received written confirmation that you are admitted. Contact the Radiologic Science program coordinator, or your current academic adviser for more information.

8/28/13 (dkr)

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