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Firearms Policy

Firearms Policy

Firearms Policy

University policy prohibits the use, possession, or carrying of firearms while on University-owned or controlled property or at University sponsored or supervised activities. Likewise, keeping a firearm in any locker or storage area of any building of the University is prohibited. Firearms shall not be kept in any vehicle on Penn State Schuylkill property. Students having personally owned firearms may safely store them with Police Services.

Violators of this policy will face disciplinary action via the University discipline system. In certain circumstances (e.g. carrying a loaded firearm concealed in a motor vehicle without a valid concealed firearms permit, possession of an enumerated firearm under the Federal Crime Bill, etc.) such possession may subject the student to criminal prosecution under Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or federal statutes. Any weapon found in violation will be seized and will be returned to the student under proper court order.

Procedure for Storing Firearms

Students wishing to store their firearms at Police Services must call 570-385-6144. Firearms will be kept in a secure gun safe in the patrol office.

To reduce delays, especially during evenings or weekends, please call in advance when needing to either check in, or check out a firearm. A written receipt will be provided. Students must personally appear to retrieve their stored firearm. Student identification and one confirming identification document will be required to store and check out a weapon.

All firearms brought to Police Services must be unloaded and, if in a gun case, the case must be unlocked. All firearms are subject to inspection prior to storage to determine whether or not they are loaded or unloaded. Firearms (long guns and handguns) will be stored in a separate locker. Ammunition will be stored separately.

In addition to firearms, the use, possession or carrying of explosives, fireworks, bows and arrows, slingshots, knives or other dangerous weapons while on University-owned or controlled property, or at University-sponsored or supervised activities is prohibited.