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Final Competency - Simulations RADSC 295-06

Final Competency - Simulations RADSC 295-06

Realizing that all radiographic procedures are not available in equal numbers at each clinical education center, the student may, after receiving approval for the appropriate clinical instructor, simulate these specific radiographic procedures when required for recording of competency evaluation purposes.  Preliminary / Final simulations must be administered by clinical education staff.

Simulation of a radiographic procedure requires the student to:

  1. Perform the radiographic procedure on a live subject (not a patient) and simulate the exposure.  (Evaluator will select live subject)
  2. Obtain a radiograph of the area in question and utilize this radiograph for the "Image Evaluation" section of the clinical competency evaluation form.

Because this is a SIMULATION, 10 points will be deducted from the percentage total.


General evaluation:  Per clinical competency for indicated simulation

Simulated radiograph would demonstrate:

  1. Anatomical part
    1. According to observed positioning skills, part would be shown in proper perspective
    2. Proper actions taken to prevent unnecessary motion of part
  2. Proper alignment
    1. Upon completion of position, all factors coordinated correctly:
      1. Film centered
      2. part centered
      3. tube centered
  3. Film identification and/or other identification
    1. "R", "L" in correct position
    2. minute or house markers in correct position

Stimulated radiographic quality/protection

  1. Radiographic techniqure
    1. Standard MAS correct
    2. KVP adequate for part
    3. Compensation of factors correct according to patient's condition
  2. Protection
    1. Cone or collimation limits would be visible
    2. Gonadal shield in place (if appropriate