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Evening and Midnight Assignments in RADSC 295-07 Clinical Internship

Evening and Midnight Assignments in RADSC 295-07 Clinical Internship

In keeping with the educational goals of the program students are assigned to evening & midnight assignments/hours in RADSC 295-07. The evening & midnight rotations allow the student to gain additional radiographic confidence while also allowing the student to have valuable emergency and operating room learning experiences.

The Goals of evening & midnight assignments are to:

  1. Offer the student radiographic experience he / she can not obtain during day time clinical education. ( i.e . OR responsibilities during evening & midnight hours .)

  2. Offer the student a feel for evening & midnight RT responsibilities.

  3. Learn how to function with a reduced radiology staff.

  4. Be aware of evening & midnight limitations of the radiology department (i.e. radiologist on call procedures).

  5. Acquaint the student with clerical and data processing responsibilities the RT assumes during evening & midnight hours.

  6. Learn to work more independently in a new environment, which is the focus of RADSC 295-07, Clinical Internship.

  7. Appreciate the interaction with hospital staff members outside the radiology department . ( i.e . ER physicians reading films, ambulance personnel).

  8. Learn to improvise and use non-traditional positioning methods to obtain quality radiographs when working with emergency type patients (i.e. cross-table lateral skull).


  1. Evening & midnight assignment hours are 4-12 PM and 12-8 AM and will take place at the Hershey Medical Center site.

  2. Students receive one (30) minute dinner assignment. The charge staff RT will designate the student's dinner break time.

  3. All "absences" taken during PM Hours will be made up during PM hours at a later date.

  4. Students are not to receive continuous assignments as patient transporters, dark room personnel , clerical help or to portable examinations. If this occurs      students should fill out the ANECDOTE FORM and present it to the clinical instructor / clinical coordinator / program director as soon as possible so that a meeting can be arranged with the persons involved to resolve the situation.

  5. RADSC 295-07 competency evaluations may only be completed by designated clinical evaluators.

  6. Repeat documentation will be documented and submitted by the following Friday to the clinical coordinator.

  7. All program policies are in effect during evening and midnight rotations.

  8. Students receive approximately two 4 day assignments in RADSC 295-07 during the evening & midnight hours.

  9. The charge staff RT assumes responsibility for student supervision, guidance , and direction. All students should be under the indirect supervision of a staff radiographer who is "immediately available" to the student .

  10. Per program policy, all repeat radiographic examinations will be performed n the presence of a registered staff radiographer.

  11. Didactic class is scheduled Friday - no clinical hours.

  12. Any requests for early dismissal must be made in advance with the program director /clinical coordinator/clinical instructor utilizing the appropriate form. The charge staff RT may not dismiss or detain a student past scheduled hours. Only in cases of emergency may the RT dismiss a student . This action will necessitate the completion of the ANECDOTE FORM by the charge RT. Naturally, the student will need to makeup the time not completed .

  13. A student should never be sent on a portable examination alone even if she/he has completed the portable examination competency evaluation successfully .

  14. A student should never be sent to the OR alone.

  15. On the Monday morning following evening & midnight hour assignment, the student will present to the clinical instructor the written summary of the evening & midnight experience on the appropriate form. Students narrative of the evening & midnight experience should include observations, comparisons, contrasts, new/ different encounters, and what was learned from the experience.

  16. One of the staff technologist evaluations for this semester will be completed by the RT staff personnel.

  17. The program director/clinical coordinator / clinical instructor will meet with the evening & midnight staff prior to the RTR 107 Semester to review the Rules and Regulations pertinent to students.

  18. No evening academic courses are scheduled in the final fall semester. However, a student may find it necessary to schedule evening classes.  Rescheduling of evening & midnight rotations will be arranged by the student/program director during the first week of RADSC 295-07. The program director will inform the clinical instructor of any schedule changes due to evening classes. Extending evening & midnight rotation or coming in early is not permitted. Students may switch days of the week with other students but the switch must be arranged with the program director.

Revised 10/12/2004