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Early Dismissal Policy

Early Dismissal Policy

Since the didactic portions of the RADSC courses are only offered once a year, there is no method available to reduce the time commitment for the didactic portion of the curriculum (28 months).  Early dismissal from the clinical portion of the program is only permitted under extenuating circumstances, such as the start of an advanced educational program overlapping the completion of the Radiological Science Program.  In this circumstance, appropriate objectives listed below must be successfully completed in the Radiological Science (RADSC) Program prior to a student being permitted early dismissal from clinical.

Even though the competency level has been reached, clinical hours may still be necessary in order to complete the stated course / program objectives. If a student's competency level for graduation has been achieved the Program Director will arrange with the student to:

1. complete core competencies

2. complete (1) Random Recheck

3. complete (1) film critique

4. complete (1) clinical case study

5. be evaluated by (3) clinical instructor using the student /staff evaluation form.

6. be evaluated by (3) staff technologist using appropriate form.

7. complete objective booklet

Upon completion of items 1-7 a clinical grade can be calculated and the number of clinical education hours will be reduced for that semester / course providing the student has completed all clinical education requirements. This includes all clinical rotation assignments (RADSC 295), including evening and midnight rotations.

It is highly unlikely that a student will realize early dismissal without careful planning but the option may be available under extenuating circumstances.

Per University Policy a student may apply to "challenge" any academic course via Credit by Examination (42-50). Upon fee payment and satisfactory completion of the written challenge examination the student is awarded the appropriate credits for the course and a grade is entered on the student's transcript. Upon successful completion of the stated 72 credits with a 2.0 Grade Point Average the student is awarded an Associate Degree in Radiological Sciences (2RSCA).

There is no reduction of tuition for early dismissal.

                                                                                                                        Revised 10/10/2004