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Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary Action


Students enrolled in the University assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution and with the clinical education centers as health care facilities.

Outlined in the POLICY AND RULES FOR STUDENTS is the "Discipline System" for all registered students at Pennsylvania State University.  A code of conduct lists acts of misconduct for which students are subject to disciplinary action; disciplinary procedures are also explained.

Professional Conduct.  Ethics material and General Rules of Conduct are listed in the clinical  education bulletin.  The clinical education centers prohibit or limit acts that interfere with the basic purpose, necessities, or processes of the center, or with the rights of its patients.

The appropriate clinical education center mechanism for dealing with misconduct is as follows: 

  1. Written warning / Demerits

  2. Probationary status with rehabilitative procedures such as counseling andany additional stipulations deemed appropriate.

  3. Suspension

  4. Referral to the University discipline system.

  5. Dismissal from program


Clinical Probation - When a student demonstrates a consistent lack of performance in the clinical requirements of the program and is performing below average (grade "C") the student is placed on clinical probation status for one or more semesters.  A student can also be placed on clinical probation, or suspension for a severe infraction of program policy, or the continuation of an unprofessional attitude or behavior that has required previous counseling.

If a student is placed on clinical probation, the student will have a time frame designed for him/her to demonstrate that his/her weakness in clinical performance can be overcome.  At the time of assigning the probationary status the student will be advised of the problem and be offered suggestions and ways to improve. If the student does not show improvement within the given time frame, the student could be suspended from the program.

Probation and/or suspension will, or can result in the student being removed from the program for failure to meet or abide by published program requirements and policies. The student will be allowed due process. If the student remains in the program, suspension time must be made up to progress to the next semester.

Revised 10/11/2004