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Deferred Grade Policy

Deferred Grade Policy

Due to the physical aspect of clinical education courses (RADSC 295), if, for reasons beyond the student's control, the student is prevented from completing a course within the prescribed time, the Program Director may agree to defer submission of the student's final course grade.  The Program Director indicates this approval by recording the deferred grade symbol (DF) on either the Grade Reporting Form or the eLion/Faculty/Submit Grades application.  The expiration date of this deferred grade action is automatically recorded at the end of the sixth week of the next semester.  Since clinical education objectives dictate each RADSC 295 grade, the student must make up all clinical education hours in excess of the allotted annual days and complete all required clinical objectives for stated RADSC 295 course.

Clinical makeup hours must be scheduled in advance with the Clinical Coordinator (utilizing the appropriate form) so that proper clinical supervision and opportunity to complete clinical objectives and preliminary/final competency clearances are available for the student. 

A student may also elect to postpone clinical education due to health reasons.  In this situation, the student may be permitted to continue attending didactic RADSC courses and return to clinical education (RADSC 295) in a subsequent semester. 

Prior to returning to clinical education (RADSC 295), the student must submit a physician's written permission note to the Program Director.  This document must be presented to the Program Director before clinical assignment will be made.   


Revised 10/10/2004