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Giving - Current Projects

Giving - Current Projects

There are many projects on campus that are always looking for additional funding. With the fast pace of advances in technology, it's a race to keep up.
Below are just two examples of ongoing projects. If you have an idea that you would like to develop, or would like a more comprehensive list of projects, our Development team will be happy to discuss all of the available opportunities and options.

Redner's Path

This is a safe path for students to access the Redner's Market complex located adjacent to the campus. Providing a safe environment for the students of Penn State Schuylkill is one of the highest priorities at the campus. The path requires ongoing maintenance to keep it clean, not only for our students, but for the local wildlife.

Electronic Sign

The campus is in need of a 2-sided electronic/digital message board to be placed along Route 61 to inform students, faculty, staff and the community of events happening on campus.