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Copy Machine / Telephones / Cell Phones

Copy Machine / Telephones / Cell Phones


Students have use of the copy machine located in the campus library for a fee per page.


Telephones located in the radiology departments are for hospital business. Pay phones for personal calls are located throughout the hospital. Students are asked to remind friends and family not to telephone the student in the clinical setting except in case of an emergency.

Everyone who receives a telephone call has an opportunity and an obligation to make friends for the particular hospital. Incoming calls can be of an inquiry, complaint, message or emergency nature. It is important that these calls be handled properly. How well they are handled depends upon you.

When the telephone rings:

  1. Answer promptly
  2. Identify yourself and the Department *
  3. Take a message if necessary. Always remember to be courteous!

* RADSC Students MUST identify themselves as "Student" (i.e. Radiology Department, Mary Smith, Radiologic Science Student). This procedure is vital for departmental efficiency.

If you do not understand the message, keep the caller on the line and have a member of the radiology staff take the call.

Cellular phones are not to be used in clinical or in the classroom and if worn, must be placed in "silent' mode.

Revised 8/19/05