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Clinical Site Information

Clinical Site Information


All medical records and Protected Health Information are to be treated as confidential so as to comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding confidentiality of such records including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Violating confidentiality is cause for immediate dismissal from the program.

Hospitals have Public Relation Departments to handle all matters of public information and media coverage.


A student has the right to decline a clinical assignment, which will make the student late for a scheduled class, lab, or activity.


Students are responsible for providing their own transportation. Parking is available at each clinical education center. Specific parking regulations do, however vary and will be explained by the clinical instructor. Travel time is allowed between centers and campus to attend class.


Clinical education centers provide students with parking facilities designated for students and employees. Lots located close to the hospitals are designated for patients and visitor use only. Students should not park in these areas or on the public streets and alleys adjacent to hospital property. Specific rules and regulations will be discussed with the students during orientation. Any fees related to parking are the responsibility of the student.


When visiting patients in the hospital, students must do so on "their own time " ( i.e. lunch or prior to or after clinical education hours). Students must comply with hospital policy regarding visiting hours.


Equipment and supplies needed in a hospital are expensive and often of limited quantity. They are provided for the care of patients and must not be abused, wasted or taken from the hospital center. Removal of hospital property is immediate cause for dismissal.


Each clinical education center has a fire and disaster procedures plan. During orientation each clinical education center will provide the student with pertinent information and responsibilities.

Revised 10/12/2004