Clinical Education Syllabus / Clinical Education Requirements

Clinical Education Syllabus / Clinical Education Requirements


RADSC didactic and clinical course descriptions/outlines are distributed to students at the beginning of each course. Included in the syllabus are: reading assignments, testing methods, grading procedures, required textbooks, outlines, and schedules.


Clinical Education (RADSC 295) requirements are designed to help the student learn to adjust to the requirements of the professional work force.


The student must:

  1. maintain prompt attendance in all clinical assignments
  2. utilize proper call-in policy
  3. meet technical standards & health requirements
  4. rotate through all clinical assignments and gain working knowledge of the equipment and procedures done
  5. adheres to the attendance policy
  6. complete all clinical competency objectives on or before the required deadlines set each semester
  7. complete all clinical assignments before the start of the next semester
  8. maintain satisfactory clinical evaluations completed by staff technologists and clinical instructors
  9. handle emergency room patients and produce satisfactory radiographs within the specific time as designed by the program
  10. demonstrate compassion and professional conduct at all times while working with patients
  11. be able to communicate properly with patients
  12. be able to communicate and work with fellow students, radiographers, and physicians
  13. exhibit professional conduct and adhere to dress code at all times while assigned to the clinical area
  14. be able to cope and function during stressful situations
  15. complete the required competencies within the specified time and is expected to retain proficiency
  16. not come to clinical during his/her time off unless approved by instructors
  17. take initiative to participate in exams
  18. maintain cleanliness and stocking of assigned clinical area
  19. report any abnormal incident to supervisor pertaining to equipment, patients, and self
  20. function as a team member and be respectful of others in a professional manner

Any infraction of the above rules will result in the necessary disciplinary actions.

Rev. 8/02