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Clinical Education Assignments

Clinical Education Assignments


A. All assignments are conducted within the radiology department in radiographic and non-radiographic areas.

B. Clinical rotations will allow the student to gain experience and familiarity with radiographic and non-radiographic areas in the Radiology department under direct supervision of registered radiologic technologists and/or clinical instructors.

C. Student assignments are posted on the bulletin board in the "clinical area" of the department. Students are required to be in their assigned clinical area by the designated start time.

D. Evaluation in regards to clinical competency will be determined by the program director and/or clinical coordinator and/or clinical instructor with input from staff technologists.

E. Each student's rotation will be based on that specific area of observation, and semester.

F. Each student begins his/her clinical education by first observing/assisting a staff technologist and/or staff personnel. The student then moves from this passive phase into a more active phase as the clinical education portion of the program progresses. By the Spring Semester II, the student is performing clinical duties with indirect supervision by staff technologists.


1) Reception Area

2) File Room­

3) Radiographic Darkroom

4) Patient Transportation

(1-4 Orientation only)

5) Diagnostic Radiography Rooms

6) Fluoroscopy Rooms

7) Urology Room

8) Mobile Radiography

9) Operating Room Radiography

10) Computerized Tomography (CT)

11) Diagnostic Ultrasound

12) Nuclear Medicine

13) Special Procedures / Cardiac Catherization Lab

14) Emergency Room

15) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

16) Radiation Therapy / Health Physics

17) Rehab Radiography

18) Orthopedic Radiography

19) Lithotripsy

20) Mammography

 Revised 10/12/2004