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Clinical Competency Evaluation Procedure

Clinical Competency Evaluation Procedure


When a student has satisfactorily completed all preliminaries of an exam, she/he may request competency evaluation in that exam. Upon successful completion, the student may function with indirect supervision. Competency objectives for each semester must be met for the student to continue to the next semester.

Failure to successfully complete the stated number of competencies will result in an incomplete grade and the student will not be able to advance to the next clinical semester.   A ll examinations will be performed according to the clinical evaluation guide, which is derived from the radiology department routine projection listing.

Administration of Competencies

Preliminaries may be administered by a qualified (ARRT) radiographer. The radiographer initials the appropriate area on the competency evaluation record. Competency evaluation may be administered only by the program director, clinical coordinator, clinical instructor or clinical evaluator utilizing the clinical competency evaluation form and the clinical education guide.

Core Competencies

To determine that the student has achieved a minimum level of competency, specific competencies will be required each semester and must be completed prior to advancing to the next semester. The student will be given the list of core competencies prior to the semester. The list of core competencies is based on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists' (ARRT)  mandatory competency list and may vary per re-evaluation of the ARRT list.

 Revised 10/14/2004