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Accidents / Radiographic Markers / Lockers / Meals / Gifts and Gratuities

Accidents / Radiographic Markers / Lockers / Meals / Gifts and Gratuities


All student related accidents that occur during clinical education and result in patient, personnel or personal injury, and/or equipment damage must be reported immediately to the clinical instructor and/or radiology management.

Depending on the student's health care plan, the clinical education center may be requested to provide emergency medical care at the student's own expense.  In a life-threatening emergency, the student should be taken directly to the emergency department.

A copy of the clinical education center's accident report will be maintained in the student's file.


Students are required to utilize radiographic markers to properly mark each radiographic procedure they perform.  Two sets of L/R Markers will be purchased by the student upon entering the RADSC program.  Students must have markers in their possession at all times while in their clinical rotation.  Students will not be permitted to participate in clinical if they do not have their markers.  Annual time or comp time will be charged for any missed clinical time due to not having markers.  Demerit points may also be assigned for this infraction. It is the student's responsibility to always have a back up set of markers available at all times and to notify the clinical instructor of lost/misplaced markers. 


Students will be provided with lockers by the clinical education center.  Locks are the responsibility of the student, depending on the clinical education center regulations.


Students have access to the dining facilities of the clinical education center, but shall be individually responsible for the cost of meals.

Lunch time for RADSC students is thirty (30) minutes.  This may or may not be different from staff lunch times.  Lunch assignments are the responsibility of the clinical education staff/specialty modality technologists.  Lunch assignments may not be at the same time each day for all students.


Accepting gifts / gratuities is against University / Hospital Policy.  Refuse such offers from patients or their relatives / friends in a pleasant courteous manner.






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