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Academic Advising Conferences

Academic Advising Conferences


The anecdotal record form has been developed to document student behavior. The form may be used by clinical personnel, faculty, or other students to record incidents that may be either positive or negative about student behavior that is extraordinary. All anecdotal record forms will be kept in the student's file. Positive records will be used in writing letters of reference. Negative records may be used to substantiate behavior before taking disciplinary action.


Throughout the 28 month educational program, the clinical coordinator, clinical facilitator and clinical instructor conduct conference sessions with all students at the end of each semester at each clinical site.

Students are notified in advance of each conference session.   C linical progress, grades, evaluations and any weaknesses or strengths are reviewed.

In addition to the regularly scheduled sessions, any student desiring an opportunity to discuss academic or clinical problems affecting progress in clinical education may arrange an appointment with the program director or any of the clinical education faculty.

Clinical staff evaluation conferences are scheduled three times during each semester. During these conference sessions, student goals and progress are reviewed.

Documentation for both these scheduled conferences and any arranged conferences is maintained in the student's clinical education file.


Students are constantly evaluated by instructors to monitor progress during clinical education. It is very important that instructors know how the student perceive his / her own experience and ability. The self evaluation allows you to candidly discuss your progress. Each semester the student will complete a self evaluation form. At a later date the student, clinical instructor or clinical coordinator or program director will have a conference to discuss the student's goals and progress. No grade is attached to this assessment / conference but each student must complete this exercise as part of the course objectives. Course grade will be lowered by one letter grade / step if the exercise is not completed each semester.


Student academic advising conferences are scheduled each semester between the student and program director to review student academic progress and review course schedules for subsequent semesters.  Students should meet with the program director a minimum of once per semester and on a as needed basis to track their academic progress in completing the Radiological Science program.

Revised 10/17/2004