Schuylkill Campus

Mail Services

Mail Services

All full time faculty and staff will be assigned a mailbox. Part-time faculty will be assigned a mailbox upon request. The campus mail room and mailboxes are located on the ground floor of the Administration Building.

To obtain a mailbox, please contact the Office of Business Services.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail (either inter-campus or U.S. Mail) can be dropped off in the Business Office or placed in the appropriate slot of the bin located outside of the Copy Center, room A-15.

Mail placed in the bins by 10:00 a.m. will be processed and mailed on the same business day.

All outgoing U.S. mail must have a 2-digit departmental account number placed in the return address section of the envelope in order to be processed. The absence of the 2-digit code will delay processing time until the account number can be identified. The current list of departmental account numbers is listed on the following page. Outgoing mail without an account number identified on the envelope will be opened and returned to the department for re-processing.


U.S. Mail
Outgoing mail should be separated into 2 groups: (1) Schuylkill Haven and (2) other zip codes.

International mailings should be clearly marked

Inter-Campus Mail
Campus location should be clearly indicated on envelope (i.e. Penn State Harrisburg, University Park, etc.). Building names alone will not guarantee delivery to desired location.

Mass Mailings

Due to scheduling and processing time, 24 hours advance notice is required to process all mass mailings (over 100 pieces). Please contact Debbie Spotts at 385-6202 to arrange for processing these large projects.


All departmental budgets will be direct billed monthly for postage expenses incurred during the month.